About Us

Sol.Lions.BESTNorth American Professional Payment Solutions, LLC is here to provide professionals with convenient and efficient ways to retain current patients/clients, help bring on new patients/clients, and keep those patients/clients that are hindered by financial restrictions. Our goal is to help our customers and their patients/clients by facilitating methods of payment that can benefit everyone involved at no cost to our customer.

We realize that client/patients often encounter the problem of needing a specific treatment or service and simply not having the financial resources to pay. In some cases it is the lack of current fund to pay a large sum and in other cases, it is the inability to receive approval for a credit-based payment system.  ProPayment solves these problems through Automated Account Processing. Our systems do not require a credit check and do not charge interest on outstanding balances, all a patient/client needs is an active bank account and/or a valid credit card.

Why Choose ProPayment?

ProPayment is the only all in one package company specializing in serving Professionals in all aspects of their business. No other company offers our automated monthly payment contracts, with billing services and legal collections.

With us you receive personalized one-on-one communication tailored to your specific needs. Your patients/clients get the benefit of receiving the treatment and services they need and the best part is…there is NO cost to you! You don’t have to hassle with setting up individual payment plans and tracking who owes you what and when and for how long; with ProPayment you will receive a monthly invoice and a check for the total amount collected for each patient/client you have enrolled.

Let us handle the “business” of your practice so you can focus worry free on treating your patients and serving your clients. We want to help you be the best Professional you can be.