Total Business Management

PedsDr.LGIs your practice running at maximum efficiency? Are there things you think you could be better at? Do you need help with certain aspects of the “business” of being a successful Professional?

We can help you in several areas including:

  • Pre and Post treatment communications
  • Effective ways to reach and secure new patients
  • Statistic tracking
  • Maximize your billable services
    • Increase billable services
    • Improve insurance returns
    • Raise office efficiency
  • Receiving EHR stimulus money

We also can help with:

  • Associate Doctor Agreement
  • Confidentiality Agreement
  • Practice Purchase Documents
  • Practice Sale Documents
    • HIPPA  Policy Manual
    • HIPPA  Associate Agreement
  • Becoming EHR certified
    • Medicare Stimulus Money
    • Medicaid Stimulus Money