Active Account Processing

PedsDr.LGDo you have a cash practice/office? Do you have patients/clients that cannot afford the cost of a treatment or service? Have you had patients that requested a payment plan or to have their payment broke up? Let us help you!

We have found that many Professionals run into problems with their patients/clients not being able to pay for the services or treatment that they need.  Or having patients/clients turned down from credit-based payment options.  Automated Payment Processing is the solution.

How does it work?

The patient/client balance is divided into monthly payments and paid over the term of the contract by ACH electronic transfers from the patient/client accounts. The patient/client will choose a primary and secondary payment option (usually a bank account and a credit card) and ProPayment will set up the accounts to automatically withdraw the monthly payment amount. The amount of the monthly payment and the number of payments made can be set by you to accommodate your interests as well as your patient/client. Once the contract is initiated, you do not have to be concerned with billing the patient or collecting the money; once a month ProPayment will mail you an invoice of the total collected and a check for the sum of all we have collected from the patients/clients you have enrolled in the program. The individual patient/client has the same amount drawn on or about the same date each month until the balance is paid.

What does it cost?

To you: NOTHING! There is no cost to you for having patients/clients use Active Account Processing. No setup fees. No service fees. No hidden charges. We are providing a way for you to run a more efficient business and in turn a better practice.

To your patient/client: All it costs them is a one-time processing fee. There is no interest that will accrue. There is no continuous or reoccurring fee they will be charged. They are charged the Processing Fee upon signing the contract and then the following month, their monthly payments will begin.

How do I get started?

It easy to SIGN UP. Simply fill out your office information and we will contact you to set up a convenient time to explain the next steps. Once you are signed up, all you need to do is practice as you would normally and let us handle the rest.